Why have we been so afraid and tolerated so much fear

Grand Street (This Rage Has Sustained Me) ©MAIERMOUL
Grand Street (This Rage Has Sustained Me) ©MAIERMOUL

My body is not like an individual body, but a social body, a collective body, a global body.

To be or reflect through me, her, his or others experience; because all of us are ourselves and at the same time we are others.

A body is therefore, a body of many people, that works and works itself, that resists and resists itself, because the world systems hurt, prevent, suffocate, exterminate; we in the meantime, don’t conform to but survive, act, resist and create.

Why have we been so afraid, and tolerated so much fear? Why have we not woken up and taken action? When are we going to stop being so submissive?

I feel impotent, unable to change things, but this rage has sustained me, and I’ve watched it grow since I first became aware of what was happening. It’s like an engine— a conflict inside me that never yields, never stops turning, ever.

– Regina Jose Galindo, artist’s statement, and Bomb magazine interview