When one looks for something in one’s head

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Vesey Street (The Questions, How Does One Think? And What Does Thinking Mean?) ©MAIERMOUL

He suggests that between a concept and a work of art, i.e. between a mental product and a cerebral mechanism, there are some very, very exciting resemblances, and that for him, the questions, how does one think? and what does thinking mean?, suggest that with thought and the brain, the questions are intertwined.

Deleuze says that he believes more in the future of molecular biology of the brain than in the future of information science or of any theory of communication.

So, he knows it’s better to have a competent perception, but he still maintains that everything that counts in the world in the realm of the mind is open to a double reading, provided that it is not something done randomly as a someone self-taught might. Rather, it’s something that one undertakes starting from one’s problems taken from elsewhere.

– Giiles Deleuze and Catherine Parnet
N as in Neurobiology