Chris Burden: Ghost Ship at the New Museum

My education was right on the cusp of when Minimalism started to be at its zenith, so that’s what I was trained as, and that’s how I got into performance art, really. It was a reductive attitude, to get down to the essence, to boil away the excess, the superfluous.

Sculpture you have to walk around. That’s a big difference, right? So you start to think, well, maybe the essence of sculpture is movement. Maybe that’s where the art is—in the movement, not in the object. That’s how I got to do performances, really. This reductive kind of thing.

I think I was always fascinated by sailboats as a kid, because my dad said, you know, that it’s possible to sail

– Chris Burden, interview, New York Observer, 2013

Chris Burden, "Ghost Ship" at the New Museum. image ©MAIERMOUL
Chris Burden, “Ghost Ship” at the New Museum. image ©MAIERMOUL