Because the colors is just the skin

Greenwich Street (The Trees Praise God, They Clap Their Hands) ©MAIERMOUL
Greenwich Street (The Trees Praise God, They Clap Their Hands) ©MAIERMOUL

My work is something that tells of love, and he is love, so he let the insects and time and nature go in front and do the work and then he gives me the insight to bring it out. He uses the hands that he gave to me with his spirit in the hands and in the mind and in the heart and just in me, he’s all in me, and he expects me to bring it out, so that I can tell the world today that he is my life and he the artist in my work.

I didn’t know when I was young that the trees praise God. I didn’t know that, but when I got older, and got in touch, for real, with the One that had walked this long walk with me, I began to read and study the Word. And it said that the trees praise God, they clap their hands.

And I was drawn into a tree, some kind of way. And I kind of see the Scriptures a little different to some people, because I see people as trees, living trees, and I see our fruits that we bear, some good and some bad. But we’re not responsible when we use the bad fruit, and the one that has the good fruit is to show good fruit to the one that has bad fruit, that they will learn to enjoy good fruit, and not hate the corrupt fruit within them. And then that way we are building a place for the Paradise to return. But as long as we hate and can’t love, as long as we judge and think were not judged, as long as we condemn and not be condemned, so we think the world will never be what God intended it to be. It is to be a Paradise, is to be peace and love, from all colors, because the colors is just the skin.

The true person lives within the temple, and if they have in the temple the righteous things, then it shines through, the candle is lit, the lantern is burning bright, and it comes out in the things that we do, which is our fruit. And to have the wood, the clay, the metal, all things that he gives me to do, and not know that I was considered an artist in the earth, I didn’t think this could happen to me, I never dreamed it could happen to me.

Bessie Harvey, interview by Jenifer P. Borum, Souls Grown Deep

The Poison of the Lying Tongue, Bessie Harvey