An encounter at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Mu = Comme des Garçons + Alfred Jarry Les Jours et Les Nuits roman d’un déserteur A translation/text/image Read more


Double is composed of artist’s illustrations of Louise Nevelson Plaza in New York’s Financial District and an earnest character who finds a sense of purpose from a charismatic teacher.Read more


Likeness offers a view of the shifting desire to clarify and obscure the state of relationship. The artist’s illustration of her encounter with Ann Hamilton’s work the event of a thread Read more


Twist turns on a flash fiction sculpted of three short stories or possibly only a single noir told from three points of view or perhaps a waking dream in three time signatures.Read more


Downtown unfolds in cuts between the artist’s daily encounters with her favorite neighbor, notes from her reading, and a particular camera walk in Lower Manhattan.Read more